A native of Southern California, Anita played bass and guitar in bands starting in high school, culminating in a record deal that brought her to England.  The newly forming High Llamas asked Anita to join and she recorded and toured with them in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Europe. 

Now living in the DMV, Anita loves holding down the low end with Wicked Jezabel!

When she’s not on bass with Wicked Jezabel, Anita plays guitar or bass and sings back-up as needed (as a sub) for Flower Power Happy Houra band dedicated to playing the AM radio hits from 1965-72!

Anita is also the leader/dictator for Cringea band that only plays songs that make people cringe! Do not miss them if you get a chance to see them play – they are unforgettable, although, perhaps not always in the way you’d like ….