Meet the Sheatles

The Sheatles is a brand new all-female tribute to the Beatles, featuring members of Wicked Jezabel.  Their sold-out premiere performance at JV's on Jan 27 was a smash!  If you dig the Fab Four, you'll love the Sheatles faithful reproduction of many of their greatest hits, along with a few special surprises.  And if you like what you hear, you can take home a little piece piece of the band with official Sheatles t-shirts and buttons (also available at  

The Sheatles are:

  • Pauline Anson-Dross - Drums, Vocals 
  • Davi Anson-Dross - Vocals, Percussion  
  • Sandra Dumas - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals 
  • Martha Capone - Lead Guitar, Vocals 
  • Lisa Elder - Keyboards, Vocals 
  • Pat Quinn - Bass, Vocals 
  • Heather Haze - Sax, Flute, EWI, SFX, Percussion, Harmonica, Vocals

Next Show:  Friday, May 19th at JV's - Pauline's Birthday!